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About Veterinary Medicines

PawHeads is an RCVS Registered Premises specialising in veterinary pharmaceuticals, foods and pet supplies and are regulated by the VMD (VMD No. 2039851). PawHeads Limited is a new, UK registered business founded in 2019. We are also approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) to supply veterinary products via our registered qualified person(s).

A full list of registered practices can be found at the RCVS website:

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How does this affect you?

Our Veterinary Medicines must be prescribed by a suitably qualified person, so we need to gather as much information about the animals to be treated so that we can make sure it is the most suitable product to use. When purchasing a veterinary medicine you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. 

Under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations the medicinal products available on this website fall under the follow legal categories:

POM-V (Prescription Only Medicine-Veterinarian)

POM-VPS (Prescription Only Medicine-Veterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP)

NFA-VPS (Non-food animal- Veterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP)

AVM-GSL (Authorised Veterinary Medicine – General Sales List)


POM-V products can only be supplied by a registered veterinary surgeon with a valid veterinary prescription. You must supply the original prescription to us before we can dispense the veterinary medicine

The POM-VPS medicines are those in farm animals and horses used to reduce or prevent effects of endemic disease in herds, flocks or individual animals (e.g. internal and external parasites in farm animals and horses, and some vaccines), where there are risks for the user/animal/consumer/environment but these can be moderated by oral or written advice from professional non-vets.

Similarly, the NFA-VPS medicines are only for use in non-food animals where they may be used routinely to prevent or limit the effects of endemic disease (e.g. internal and external parasites), where there are risks for the user/animal/consumer/environment but these can be moderated by oral or written advice, and where the animal keeper can be given sufficient practical advice to permit effective and safe usage. An RAMA/SQP is entitled to prescribe and/or supply the categories of product that fall within the scope of the qualification they have obtained and the registration they hold.

Where can you find information on the product?

The VMD produce a Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for all authorised medicinal products which can be found on their website in the Product Information Database. The SPC provides information on a product including active substances, indications, administrations and withdrawal periods etc. Product Information Database

What is an RAMA/SQP?

A registered animal medicines advisor (RAMA) also known as a suitably qualified person (SQP) is an animal medicines advisor, a legal category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

It is the duty of a RAMA/SQP to ensure that the statutory requirements in respect of the prescription and/or supply of certain veterinary medicines are respected, advising on choice of medicine and their safe and effective use. The RAMA/SQP is responsible for ensuring this irrespective of how the product is supplied, e.g. supply from a registered retail premises, postal supply, from a website, etc. See the register of SQP's Registered SQP's

For information or advice on any of our products you can contact one of our Suitably Qualified Person's below-



RCVS: MRCVS 6220145


We reserve the right not to supply any medicine at our own discretion.

What if you notice an adverse reaction with the product you have used?

If you find that any of the medication purchased has caused an adverse reaction known as SARSS ( suspected adverse reaction surveillance scheme), it should be reported to the VMD (Veterinary medicines directorate) on 01932 338427 and a MLA 252A form completed. The information required will include name of product, product and batch number, details of the symptoms and animal treated details. To download the yellow form please visit: Adverse Reaction Reporting


Complaints about Veterinary Medicines

If you have a complaint about the quality of a Veterinary Medicine please contact us in the first instance. You can find our complaints policy in our Terms & Conditions-

However, if you feel that we haven’t resolved your complaint satisfactorily, you can contact the VMD;

Please note that the VMD will only consider complaints about Veterinary Medicines, not about service, delivery or cost and not about non‐medicinal products.